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We have often wondered: "Why people create their home pages? Can they be of interest to others?"

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Yes! We got married on 9-th of September of the year 2000!

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08.04.2003 -  So! The long-awaited moment, when saying "WE" you mean three people, has come! 
Yes! There are three of us now!!! On 26th of February, 2003, Anna Detsik has entered this unperfect world. 3 kg, 50 cm. The most beautiful child in the World (at least in our opinion :) ). By the way, guess who she looks like? I'm not going to tell this to you, see by yourself :)   
15.02.2003 - Oh, gosh! Everything seems to be so deserted here... Almost two years I did practically nothing with our page. But enough is enough! Can I lay out at least some photos? (I'm asking myself). Furthermore a lot of things happened and changed for these two years, and - praise God - most of them were good. And now, greet photos from our trip to Turkey in Aug.2002 (not really a good thing that happened). Also I decided to finish scanning photos from our bygone trip to the North Kazakhstan (Borovoe), and something more.
10.01.2001 - After a very long break we made some renovation here. Meet -  Recipe of how to get into history (Sorry, it's in Russian). In general: our wedding photo that was made by one reporter of  a big local newspaper has took first place on "Kodak PhotoWorld 2000" photographic competition. 

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